The Colosseum

Situated in Italy’s capital city of Rome, the Colosseum is an ancient arena that is absolutely breathtaking in person. Considered to be an architectural wonder, to this day the majority of the Colosseum structure is still standing.

When visiting the Colosseum, it is recommended that you book a guided tour in order to get the most out of your Roman experience. Professional tour guides can provide an insight into the history of the colosseum, including the building of the structure and the cruelty of barbaric acts that have taken place at the Colosseum throughout history, including gladiator combats and executions.

Stretching over 500 metres around and being four stories high, the Colosseum originally had 80 entrances, some of which were reserved purely for the Emperor and his associates. The third and fourth stories of this giant structure formerly contained beautiful, intricate statues which have since been destroyed. When the Colosseum was originally built, the outside interior was crafted from brick and marble, however only small amounts of the marble still remain today. In the days where the Colosseum was still used for gladiator battles and executions, the floor was first covered in canvas and then covered in sand to absorb the blood. Today, all of the flooring of the Colosseum has eroded away and now visitors can walk across a modern walkway to see through to the underground passages where beasts and gladiators once waited before combat.

The Colosseum, once built to host 45, 000 spectators, is a great monument which truly displays Roman architecture at its greatest. One of the most famous and influential Rome Attractions, the Colosseum is a site not to be missed on your trip to Italy.

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