Shopping Guide for Rome

Rome is an iconic city that offers travelers an immense assortment of places to shop. Visitors from all over the world arrive in Rome to find fabulous Italian designs.

Several Rome streets are renowned for high-end stores such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Cartier and Bulgari, which is located on Via Condotti. Also, shoppers will discover prominent boutiques such as Armani, Chanel and Emporto on Via del Babuino. Antique shops are in the area and include Franco, Carlo Maria Fallani and Ida Benucci.

Travelers who are interested in classic Italian craftsmanship won’t want to miss Via del Corso, a street which features century-old boutiques. For example, Radiconcini sells traditional men’s hats along with other classic accessories.

Fontana di Trevi is the spot for gifts, with a large number of shops set in one area. Additionally, travellers will want to visit Via Veneto, which is the most famous shopping locale in Rome. This charming street is filled with romantic cafes and architecturally beautiful shops. Tired shoppers can stop at Beauty Planet nearby for an energizing massage or facial.

The historic centre contains ancient roadways and winding roads, which is ideal for wandering in search of the perfect keepsake. Visitors can spend the day strolling past decorative store fronts while sampling culinary delights and discovering an unusual gift for loved ones. Bargains can be found in the back-roads and visitors should look for the word “Stock” to purchase merchandise at reduced prices.

Travellers should plan a few days to enjoy the shopping that Rome has to offer, save on a few extra costs such as Rome Accommodation  for that little bit extra to add to the shopping budget.

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